Longwave – Day Sleeper EP – Review


Day Sleeper EP (Fenway)
by Tim Den

Though only a teaser EP before the RCA full-length arrives, Day Sleeper EP nonetheless demonstrates the grace of one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands in indie rock. Having done road time with fellow New Yorkers The Strokes, it’s no wonder Longwave draw comparisons to their shaggy-haired counterparts. But though guitarist/vocalist Steve Schiltz does cock his vocal manes much the same way as Julian Casablancas (especially the nasal tones of “Pool Song”), Longwave paint with much broader strokes (sorry for the pun). Fluttering, echoy guitars are the focal point, meandering in stereo only to be reined in by Schiltz’s strong sense of vocal hooks. Minimalistic arrangements conceal the fact that these are breathy, expansive songs dressing solid songwriting up in pretty sounds. Gorgeous pop in interesting contexts? Longwave deserves to be huge.
(PO Box 15614 Kenmore Sta. Boston, MA 02215)