Moonlight Corporation – V1.0 – Review

Moonlight Corporation

V1.0 (Sector 19)
by Wa

Today’s Goth scene is not your mother’s Goth scene. Heck, it’s not even your older brother’s Goth scene. The scene is now comprised of many, many vastly different styles. This is primarily because of the wide open arms the Goth scene has shown to those with an unusual creative vision.

So for the new fan who doesn’t know Bella Morte from Black Tape For A Blue Girl, The Cruxshadows from Coil, or Dead Poets Society from Dead Can Dance, what are they to do? Visit the Net? Sure. Download some mp3s, check things out, sure. But what if the poor unfortunate soul doesn’t have Internet access or doesn’t know where to look? Beg, steal, or borrow from that one Goth friend? Have no fear (heroic fanfare), Moonlight Corporation comes to the rescue. Moonlight Corporation V1.0, a 17-track compilation from Sector 19 is the perfect primer for anyone interested in sampling (pun intended) a little of all the wonderful ear-candy the Goth/darkwave/EBM/industrial scene has to offer. Best yet, it truly shows off the best of the underground scene. Folks who’re probably unknown to even the uber-Gothic, except for perhaps Auto Cad.

Highlights on this gem include industrialized Mind Flux Funeral‘s “Soul and Substance,” the cyber-rapcore Sounds Of Mass Production (SMP)’s “Miltia Love,” the “electronic body music” (EBM) of Autocad’s “Dock to Dock 2001,” and the misty Gothic fog of Jailbird‘s “Delirium Tremens.” Other bands: Silencer, Progeria, Aiboforcen, Six Past Seven, Mouth Of Indifference, Chaos Engine, System 81, Arkam Asylum, Mnemonic, Tin.RP, St. John’s Eve, Monoid.