Zeromancer – Clone Your Lover – Review


Clone Your Lover (Cleopatra)
by Wa

Zeromancer’s Clone Your Lover is a hybridized college-fraternity fun ride of alt-rock, metal, Goth, and electronica. Imagine Korn and Rammstein combined with an increased presence of keyboards, programming, and lyrics in English and you might have a hint of the taste of Zeromancer. The tone of Clone Your Lover is paced extremely well, showcased by incredible mastering and mixing, even if the lyrics are a bit light on substance.

The band, formed with members from Prick, Kidney Thieves, and Seigmen, hailing originally from Norway, derived the name of the band by smashing together titles two of their favorite novels, Less Than Zero and Neuromancer. The band are perhaps best known for their hit cover of the 1983 Real Life track “Send me an Angel,” released on their 2001 album Eurotrash, also on Cleopatra. Clone Your Lover was released to our European friends in 2000, but has only now become available in America.

Clone Your Lover is one adrenalized party song after another, perfect for head-bobbing, driving music. Hits include the title track, “Something for the Pain,” “Fade to Black,” and “Flagellation.” “Flagellation” was particularly interesting from a lyrical standpoint: An exploration of self abuse as a form of sexual satisfaction. The album also includes a bonus Apoptygma Berzerk remix of “Something for the Pain.”

If you’re a fan of the Kidney Thieves, 16 Volt, or Deadsy, you’ll enjoy Zeromancer’s Clone Your Lover.
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