Caliban – The Opposite From Within – Review


The Opposite From Within (Abacus)
by Adrian Bromley

Thank God for Caliban delivering the goods with The Opposite From Within. Why the prayer, you ask? Cuz had they brought to the table a disappointing album like that of fellow countrymen Heaven Shall Burn, it would’ve been a fiasco. The album’s material is easily the band’s most promising and punishing work to date, and no doubt puts them at the forefront of the genre, up there with Unearth and Lamb of God. With a bit more melody than in the past, the band still delivers the perfect metalcore style: Grinding riffs, heavy breakdowns, the right amount of technicality, and a generous helping of clean vocals on top of the harsh screams. It almost sounds too good, but then again, bands with the right mindset can do anything they set their minds and hearts to. A solid listen from start to finish.