AntiSeen – Badwill Ambassadors – Review


Badwill Ambassadors (TKO)
by Scott Hefflon

The Boys from Brutalsville are back with another slab of real punk rock mayhem. Anyone into punk rock, not punkpop, oughtta have a couple AntiSeen records in their collection (they sure got enough of ’em) or they don’t deserve to call themselves punks.

Leaders of The Confederacy of Scum (look it up on the Internet, kiddies) and slobbering AC/DC-gone-punk destruction like GG Allin meets Electric Frankenstein for well over a decade, Antiseen scare the shit outta parents and “punks” alike. They’re Carolina dirtbags with long hair, beards, and a wild look in their eyes. And not just for photoshoots, neither. If you’ve seen ’em live and made it out with anything less than a bottle to the head or a boot in yer face, you earn a Lifer card. The rest of us have the scars and stories and don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

antiseenphotoBadwill Ambassadors sounds dirty (they drank the polish) and ugly, as it should. Jeff Clayton can actually hit the notes (unlike emopunk yelpers), and he’s got a voice like Duane Peters, or Blaine Cartwright of Nashville Pussy, or the broken-glass gargle of street punk bands that don’t suck.

Surprisingly, a lot of the tunes are mid-tempo this time around (hell, they’re getting old, but they’ve stomped more stages than you, so fuck off), and kinda more dirt rock than punk, but the hard-chargers will get the fists flying in the slampit, and you posers with fancy mohawks and Casualties buttons best run for cover to avoid a beatdown.