Sesame Street – Review

stuff-sesame200Sesame Street

by Scott Hefflon

Because we’re called Lollipop, we get a lot of weird email and packages. We used to get Shirley Temple Black’s fan email (“Good Ship Lollipop,” in case I’m losing you here). Those people were creepy. And they think we’re weirdos… There are a couple kid’s mags or sites with the word Lollipop in ’em, and, of course, there’s Lollipop Lingerie and various teen porn sites.

stuff-sesamesocks7Unlike the teen girl “how to be more popular” books, we were stoked to get Sesame Street’s “Def Le Bird” tee shirt (try not to think too hard about the consequences of Big Bird and Def Leppard’s Pyromania), Cookie Monster sox, and especially the Oscar the Grouch furry CD wallet. While Sesame Street’s people politely withdrew once they saw scantily clad 18+ models in Fuck Subtlety shirts and my “Corrupting the Youth, One Sucker at a Time” email signature, we love this stuff!