Ebaum’s World – Review

website-ebaumsworld200Ebaum’s World

by Sarah Katz & Scott Hefflon

Man, where has eBaum been all my life? I discovered this gem through some friends who showed me a clip of James Brown, high as a kite, giving an interview right after he’d gotten out of jail. I watched the video five times in a row, laughing my ass off each time. The site claims it’s “Media for the Masses,” and by golly, it is. It has video, flash, games, pranks calls, funny pics, office humor, and more. And a pretty swank layout too. Not to say that eBaum is perfectly laid out: It’s a huge clusterfuck, but a huge, hilarious clusterfuck. I can’t wait to try out the office humor, and I’ll be back for the daily jokes.

website-ebaumsworld3photoThe video section is separated into Hilarious, Extreme, Sports, and Cool, and while you may’ve seen a few of these car crashes, fake comercials, and farting preacher videos elsewhere, there’s no way you’ve seen them all. Hours of silliness. Games range from dodging, shooting, driving, and hiding drugs from your parents, to trying to get laid. Just like real life (except for the shooting, hopefully). I’m a sucker for flash videos… From classy animation to crappy cut’n’paste of a cat’s face laughing with fart sounds every few seconds, the mind boggles that people will spend hours making a flash video milking one semi-funny idea, and that I’ll waste hours looking at them all. If it sez “One of the most annoying things I’ve ever seen,” I’ll click it. I won’t return my parent’s phone calls, but I’ll replay “Tequilla” played by a rabbit, a lion, and an ape. Go figure. This site gets more traffic than MTV.com, perhaps because it’s dumb and a waste of time, but it’s meant to be.