The Eyeliners – No Apologies – Review

theeyeliners200The Eyeliners

No Apologies (Blackheart)
by Scott Hefflon

Always find these gals pleasant. Three girls, three chords, three layers of harmonies on the choruses. Pop punk in the vein of Screeching Weasel and The Queers, the kinda cute, bugglegum pop punk that “real punkers” complained wasn’t real punk in the mid-’90s until this emo punk garbage got teenage girls with no musical taste wet, and then they realized this stuff was pretty cool in comparison. Not too sex kitten, not too “girls can be angry, too, see? Grrr!,” there’s a cover of When in Rome’s “The Promise” that’s about as awful as MxPx’s take on A-Ha’s “Take on Me,” but punk bands love covering songs and doing almost nothing new with them, just making ’em a bit faster and missing most of the nuances that made the song cool in the first place.

They recently toured with Social D and Boston’s own Lost City Angels, and now they’re on Joan Jett’s label, Blackheart, who hopefully’ll do more promotion for ’em than their last label, the once mighty Lookout!