Stoner Kings – Fuck The World – Review

stonerkings200Stoner Kings

Fuck The World
by Scott Hefflon

These guys got pissed and heavy and lost most of the tunesmithing that made many of us say “man, more people should know about these guys!” I seem to recall Brimstone Blues being surprisingly glammy for stoner rock (a fair assumption as a starting point from the name and all), but tuneful, and therefore recommendable. Fuck The World, again simply from the title, has a chip on its shoulder, and it’s a heavy, snarling, pounding slab of metal, but metal like Warrior Soul post-Ghetto Nation, when they failed to break and got pissy about it. And that was 15 years ago or something.

So yeah, Stoner Kings are from Finland, where you can be a glam band and not get laughed at, but the about-face to heavier, angrier, more thick-metal duh loses them tuneage. The U.S. has shitloads of angry metalcore morons who can’t write a decent song or carry a tune with both arms and a knapsack, so why bother with this? (Moments glimmer, so all is not lost, but the band needs to embrace glam songwriting or Southern charm or Swedish precision or something to regain the ground lost here.)