A Life Once Lost – Hunter – Review

alifeoncelost200A Life Once Lost

Hunter (Ferret)
by Scott Hefflon

A Life Once Lost are one of the handfulla bands metal guys like me point to to show that metalcore can, in fact, be interesting. Unlike relying on simply the thunder and breakdowns of the second-rate opening bands, Philly’s A Life Once Lost throw guitar squeaks and squawks into the dense mix (not Soilwork production, still American metalcore), a few Euro licks, and a few Meshuggah stutters to break up the monotony of all the rampaging howl. No clean vocals, no keyboards, no sissy harmonies, but interesting enough to overcome a singer who only knows one note. Powerful voice, sure, and metal and hardcore fans accept one-note singers as long as the tunes are good, but his voice is the least varied aspect of the music, by far.