Culture Shock: Twinkie Man – Column

cultureshock2200Culture Shock: Twinkie Man

Photos and captions by Chad Van Wagner, our man in Japan

One thing that’s remarkable about the experience of living in Japan is that while the day to day novelty may wear off, the human mind nonetheless insists on hanging onto the weirdness factor of your surroundings. I’m seeing stuff that may well have not raised an eyebrow back in Cowtown, USA, but I still have some pretty odd reactions when I see it here.

I suppose Twinkie Man and I should just resign ourselves to the idea that using gay pixies to sell meat will never seem normal.

It does beg the question, however, as to just how friggin’ odd we look to the Japanese when we wear T-shirts (or, uh, get tattoos) with kanji we don’t understand. It’s the weirdest thing. Despite the obvious snickering going on here, this is the result of someone, somewhere, speaking English much better than you can probably speak Japanese. They can sure as hell speak English better than I can speak Japanese, that’s for damned sure.

All language fumbles aside, my inability to read what’s staring me in the face has seriously underlined just how annoying and preposterous advertising, packaging, and public communication in general can be. As a product of advertising himself, Twinkie Man seemed a bit uncomfortable admitting this, but here it is.



Twinkie Man needs to phrase his dinner invitations a little better.


“Dude! I can so totally see God right now!”


“Hey kids! Let’s get drunk and beat up on old people!”


Obviously, the Japanese understand American culture perfectly.


America has fallen woefully behind in the “Ass Polishing” race.


There is NOTHING creepy about a cheese-headed monster approaching a woman while riding a spurting tube. Nothing.


Talk about your tough decisions…