The Shapes – Review

theshapes200The Shapes

by Scott Hefflon

A few of the songs here are just plain great. I’m not one for getting giddy over male/female indie rock, but infectious songs, cute and fun without being sticky-sweet, those are the gems you dig for. And while the single is “Dreaming of an M16,” it’s too trendy and obvious for my taste. Too NYC NOW! Give me the opener, “Bordeaux,” or the “Walking on Sunshine”-esque “Birthday Song.” They’re less “aren’t we hip?” new wave, but even the single is nice, albeit a little too precious. Seven tunes, unsigned (for now), male/female, part peppy pop, part Cranberries siren (maybe the dude can belt it out, too, given more than seven songs to show his breadth), get in on the ground floor.