Mushroomhead – Volume 1 – Review


Volume 1 (Filthy Hands)
by Mike Delano

Unlike many over-indulgent band videos (and moreso now with the storage capacity of DVDs), Cleveland’s Mushroomhead have the decency to keep their entry under an hour, but their backstage hijinx are just as bland and tame as the legions of other bands who are convinced their fans will watch them doing anything.

If you’re not at Mötley Crüe levels of morally corrosive, borderline felonious activity, your band’s backstage partying just looks like a deflated frat party. Remember the Pantera guys going to Vinnie’s strip club, or the cake-eating contest or the ass boil? Ah, the good ol’ days.

Nothing that memorable here, and if you’re not already on board with Mushroomhead’s slightly-above-bad nü-metal, nothing here will convince you. But a lot of people have Mushroomhead tattoos, apparently, so for those fans, I’d say stick with the CDs.