Toxic Toons – Review

stuff-toxictoons200Toxic Toons

“Let’s Play at the Morgue” Toys
by Dave Dawson
photo by Dave Dawson

Based on the twisted comics of Eric Pigors, this playset comes with a creepy long-armed, skull-faced mortician named Pox, a ghoulishly sexy nurse named Miss Cery, a brainless zombie kid, a two-headed cadaver in a body bag, and a couple of skull-faced worms. Accessories include Pox’s big bone saw, intestine noose, and doctor’s bag. Miss Cery has jumper cables and battery to revive the patient, and a big jar of poison, to kill him again. These toys come with stands and have all the standard problems this kind of toy has: The articulation is limited, and the toys don’t stand well. Not really a surprise, seeing as all my Spawn action figures fall over constantly. A must-have for any Pigor’s fan, and a really cool gift for any horror or collectible toy fan.
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