The Postman – Review

stuff-thepostman200The Postman

by Scott Hefflon

The Postman sent us a package, and in it was a six-page color portfolio, with a personal letter/intro, and a closing Lollipop Licker stamp image stating “Coming soon in you postal mail box.” The Postman asked if he could appear “in the Lollipop mag,” and why not? He’s French, he likes metal, and he’s an outlaw, just like Professor Chaos (aka Butters on South Park). Maybe he’s a rocket scientist (do they have rocket scientists in France?), but broken English is always funny to me. And I laugh when people fall down. I can’t help it. Anyway, The Postman uses copyrighted images without permission and makes fake stamps out of them and then tries to slip them passed the French mailing authorities so he can meet the band and take photos of them holding up his artwork. Hey, we all need hobbies. Maybe you can order fake stamps from his website, maybe you can ask him to make a stamp of your shitty band, maybe you can just be glad someone in France has a dumber hobby than you.