Ugly Art Dolls – Review

stuff-uglyartdolls200Ugly Art Dolls

by Scott Hefflon

A good links page on your website should be a higher priority for, uh, almost everyone. Unlike “friends” on MySpace, which are meaningless (except now you can post vapid comment on a band’s page and they can post shitty fliers on yours), a good links section is like a band stating their influences: They show context, they give props, they show that everyone has peers and buds and idols and guilty pleasures.

Ugly Art requested a link exchange. How could you not be curious about a site called Ugly Art? It’s a page for Ugly Shyla’s dolls. “Morbid Fine Art Dolls for the subculture elite, by artist and Alternative Model Ugly Shyla.” Yeah, that’s better. If you poke around dark, underground modeling for a while, you’ll find Ugly Shyla’s name, and once you hear it or see her image, you never forget it. If you like Tim Burton’s imagery and Rasputina’s lyrics and wish those cheesy Dead Dolls were higher quality than cereal box toys, Ugly Shyla has hand-made creepy dolls you’ll cherish and your friends’ll try to steal every time your back is turned. They range from $45 to $300, and if that’s too much for you, go buy the knock-offs at Hot Topic or Target. These dolls are hand-made by a freak from Louisiana who wears those creepy black contacts, practices Satanism and voodoo, and has a three-legged cat. Top that, poser.