Cute Overload – Review

website-cuteoverload200Cute Overload

by Chad Van Wagner

Well, isn’t that…

OK, what the hell am I doing reviewing a site called “Cute Overload” in a magazine dedicated to obnoxious rock music and hot chicks in “Fuck Subtlety” T-shirts?

Because I… I’m concerned for your soul, dear reader. When following one’s bliss, it’s occasionally necessary to unleash one’s inner dork, the piece of you that you never show your friends. You know the one. The one that makes you go back and pick up that copy of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants you mocked when you were with your friends.

website-cuteoverload1photoEssentially a site in the “Hot or Not” mold, Cute Overload sets you up with two pictures, usually of someone’s dog, kitten, rabbit, or whatever pet didn’t run away from the camera before the shutter went off (read: no people). You are then asked to vote, and the next page gives you the tally of the voting, along with a new cage match… er…

A nifty enough way to kill time, and hell, if you do it stoned, maybe you’ll reach a whole new state of giggling/enlightenment.

The voting tallies, now… maybe it doesn’t like my browser, but I somehow managed to pick the “winner” each time. No matter what I chose, no matter how carefully I tried to pick the one I thought would surely be the loser, I invariably got a message saying my pick won “100% of the time.” So OK, the voting engine needs some work. But who cares? Go look at some bunnies, willya?