Stavesacre – How To Live With A Curse – Review


How To Live With A Curse (Abacus)
by Scott Hefflon

Stavesacre always catch me off-guard… I always seem to think of them as a dumb hardcore band, and then they bring on the altrock, and after the shock, I remember that they’re not cashing in, they’ve been writing solid, catchy rock for half a decade or so. Three slabs for Tooth & Nail (who used to release knuckledragging hardcore and MxPx punkpop simultaneously, cuz you could get away with that a decade ago) and two for XS Records (who dicked me outta the money for an ad for Buckcherry’s Josh Todd, and they can eat shit in hell for that), and here they are on Abacus, a label outgrowing shitty hardcore and putting out Sick Of It All, Ignite, Turbonegro, and freakin’ Paradise Lost. And while they have yet to advertise, or really make it known that they’re a real solid label now (with fewer and fewer shitty bands), add Stavesacre to the list of “hey, you got some really good bands on your label now, when did that happen?”