A Love End – Suicide In The Disaster – Review

aloveendssuicide200A Love Ends Suicide

In The Disaster (Metal Blade)
by Scott Hefflon

Four outta five members are brothers, signed to Metal Blade with the help of As I Lay Dying. More of a Ferret Records band than a Metal Blade band, to these ears, which means a one-note singer, dense production with little change in pace or tone, but a solid listen from end to end, no real gems, no real boring tracks, unless you get tired of, essentially, the one song they wrote. I’m sure they rock live, but on CD, they’ve yet to find much of anything to differentiate themselves from the hundreds and hundreds of decent genre bands. Some nice guitarwork mixed in, but only a sprinkling here and there. Beats when some member tries to do some pretty awful “clean singing.”