The Projekt Almost Free CD – Review

va-theprojectalmost200The Projekt Almost Free CD

by Ewan Wadharmi

I sincerely hope they’re joking, because this is simultaneously insincere and seriously lacking in humor. The uncharacteristically weak bleeping track from Android Lust sounds like Garbage. The band, that is. We’re subjected to Voltaire‘s out-of-place imitation of Squirrel Nut Zippers. Their cruise-lounge novelty (in the strictest sense) whose cannibalistic, Kabalistic intent, while mildly amusing, is generally reserved for the most laughable metal acts. While you can usually count on Black Tape For A Blue Girl to bring a depressing sensibility to the proceedings, “Knock Three Times on the Coffin If You Want Me” hardly constitutes respectable darkwave. By the time Mira and Autumn’s Grey Solace respectively attempt to emulate Cocteau Twins and bring the gaze back to our shoes, we’re too weary to continue. But we listen to half of a 20-minute minimalist piece featuring an electric guitar left plugged in. (Also appearing: Dark Sanctuary, Steve Roach, and Fear Falls Burning.) This unbalanced document is not a fair representation of this great label. Buy the albums, because this sampler is not a bargain at any cost.