The Eastpak Resistance Tour – Volume III – Review

dvd-eastpakresistance200The Eastpak Resistance Tour

Volume III (I Scream)
by Tim Den

The Eastpak Resistance Tour Volume III documents the latest chapter in one of Europe’s biggest and most successful hardcore tours, this time featuring such heavyweights as Sick Of It All, 7 Seconds, Slapshot, Unearth, and more. Every act gets about four to five songs, and the picture/sound quality is top notch across the board. I must say that, even after 15 years of seeing them, Sick Of It All still fucking kill it live. Apparently the audience thinks so too, as they pile-up, stage dive, and karate kick in the pit during the band’s intense set. Too bad 7 Seconds and Slapshot get such lukewarm reception, though: What’s with the kids today? Don’t they know true hardcore when they hear it? Apparently, metalcore crap goes over better in Europe, just like it does in the States: Unearth, Walls Of Jericho, and Judasville all get more movement out of the crowd than the real deals. For shame. But at least Jack “Choke” Kelly beating his own bloody face in with a microphone sent the kids home with an image they won’t soon forget!