God Head – The Shadow Line – Review

godhead200God Head

The Shadow Line (Cement Shoes)
by Scott Hefflon

God Head have toured with Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Static-X, Mudvayne, Rammstein, and Saliva. I remember being pitched them hard at the turn of the millennium when they were “breaking,” and I thought they were lame then, and they’re lame and half a decade older and no wiser now. As the first signing to Cement Shoes, who also scooped Ill Nino, you’d hope for something with a little more teeth. Orgy was more bad-ass than this. And it’s not artful, so they can’t scoff that it’s not trying to rock. The electronics are skimpy, the paces are sleepy, and there’s no intensity. It’s not brooding, it’s boring. They’ve been placed in The Blair Witch Project (probably the second one), Queen of the Damned, and Dracula 2000. They fit perfectly there, and I sure don’t mean that as a compliment. With all the rapid, snarling metal and industrial bands out there, how dorks like this built up any kind of following is beyond me. All placement, no genre-smashing innovation or even good ol’ numbskull throwdown. “Your End of Days” is the only song worth listening to ever again, and that’s only because it sways gently, menacingly, like I am, three drinks and 200 words invested in this piece of shit.