Gothic Calendar 2007 – Review

product-gothiccalendar200Gothic Calendar 2007

by Scott Hefflon

This year’s Gothic Calendar is infinitely better than last year’s. Ya gotta start somewhere, and then ya gotta learn as ya go, ya know? In this day and age of “bands” calling themselves bands cuz they have a few mp3 tracks on MySpace, and “models” calling themselves models cuz they’ll strip for some hack with a camera and put the photos on MySpace (and both annoy “friends” to come and check out their uninspired doings, begging for comments and approval), many people get so much “love” posted on their profiles that they forget to get any better.

Yeah, MySpace has made losers think they rock, when all the “friends” really wanted was to see their comment posted to satify their own need of self-importance. Gushing is free, and therefore suspect. And now that it’s public, it’s even worse than the Letters to the Editor fanzines used to get from hacks we’d never allow to review even the crappy CDs.

So yeah, this 2007 Calendar is across-the-board better. Better photography and lighting, better design, and a better class of models. It still favors lifer Goths, aka “old people,” more than most would, but that’s respectable, cuz who wants needs photos of eyeliner emo metal boyz and their Hot Topic-working wish-they-were Suicide Girl girlfriends? Then again, respecting a lifer Goth still doesn’t mean ya necessarily wanna look at their life-weary mugs for a month. (From a post review email from Alicyn: “About us lifer Goths: We’re called Elders. We’re vampyres and don’t age. lol”)

Congrats to Alicyn Leigh for last year’s initial stab, and for LISTENING to the non-gushing critiques of fuckers like me who, ya know, try to be supportive, but at the end of the day, do need to be honest, so it’s not more empty MySpace fawning. Some of us still believe in being held accountable for our recommendations. With Mistress Juliya on the cover, Lollipop cover model Satu gracing two pages, and Leaves’ Eyes’ Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull, and others who might be “names” to some but not to me, this is a classy $15 item you can proudly grace your walls with. It’s cheaper than a bucket of blood.