Nixon Now – Altamont Nation Express – Review

nixonnow200Nixon Now

Altamont Nation Express (Elektrohasch)
by Scott Hefflon

I’m new to German label Elektrohasch, but they got a stone-cold classic in Nixon Now, and I’m on board (though I won’t wear a red, white & blue button, if they have one). The band’s from Hamburg, but they sound like they’re from Detroit. Dirt stomp swagger, soloing wide-stance and cock-hard, pounding the skins and shots hard all night long, man. Singer Andi Schmidt has a bit of Wyndorf in him, and some of the vocals have that same processed yowl, but Andi wisely also punks it out, and the band’s more slamming than the trippier tunes the mighty Monster Magnet graces us with, when the mood suits them.

Sure, some of the lyrics are dumb, but so are most people and their pathetic excuses for lives, and it’s hard to rock out and hit on hip-hugger hotties to a doctoral thesis reading, ya know? So put on the leather, line up the shots, and shake that shaggy head of yours, rocker.