Skindred – Roots Rock Riot – Review


Roots Rock Riot (Bieler Bros)
by Scott Hefflon

Like the first time you heard Rage Against the Machine or Ministry (for the young’uns, maybe Static-X or Linkin Park or one of the third generation of industrial metal titans), Skindred is like no other. It’s groovecore with a Rasta singer. He can scat, rap, and harmonize like the emo metal pussies without crying his eyeliner into streaks. Also like Rage ATM and Ministry, the style becomes confining, and after three times through the CD, you kick back and say, “Oh, ok, I get it, it’s a style thing.” Limited by parameters of its own making, but limitation set, nonetheless. Great sound, some great songs, a refreshing style, and a band every metal fan should have at least one CD by.