Rasputina – Oh Perilous World – Review


Oh Perilous World (Filthy Bonnet/ RYKO)
by Scott Hefflon

Sixth full-length, always a true pleasure to hear more Rasputina. Chamber music, cellos played by women in corsets, wildly-warbling female vocals, and dark and creepy lyrics that’d make Cannibal Corpse cower. And literary/poetic lyrics at that, without the deliberateness of the pretentious lit.rockers who want you to know their well-read’n’shit. Theme behind this one is that Melora Creager copied words and phrases from the news and news shows, thus creating stranger than fiction scenarios and passages which, when accompanied by finger-snapping yet dark melodies, create a pop which is warm in tone, but mildly disturbing and prickly, like suspecting you just peed in your bed while wrapped in a familiar yet old blanket. If you’ve never seen or heard these girls, you’re missing out on one of the truly interesting bands of our time.