Garbage Pail – Movies Combinations – Column

Garbage Pail

Movies Combinations

by Scott Hefflon
illustrations by Michael Corcoran and Ans and Rick Mackin

Three Kings and a Baby
She’s All That Thing You Do
X-Men Meet in Joe Black
Who’s Deconstructing Harry Crumb?
The Night We Never Met at Big Momma’s House
One Crazy Summer of Sam
Who’s that Girl Interrupted?
For the Love of Him Getting Game
Hoop Life of Brian

The Long Kiss Goodnight of the Living Dead
Any Given Sunday of the Dead Poet Society
The Quick and the Dead Man Walking
Bringing Out the Dead Man Walking
As Good as it Gets Shorty
Ghosts of the Mississippi Burning
White Man Can’t Jump Jack Flash Gordon
Bad Girls Interrupted
It’s Different for Two Beautiful Showgirls and a Guy
Full Metal Jackie Brown
Action Jackie Brown
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Drop Dead Gorgeous

Father of the Bride of Frankenstein
Gone Fishin’ in 60 Seconds
Being Maurie Povich