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Enslaved releases free EP

Norwegian progressive/psychedelic extreme metal trailblazers Enslaved have released The Sleeping Gods via Scion A/V as a free downloadable five song EP. Following up on last year’s near-universally praised Axioma Ethica Odini, the EP finds the quintet once again expanding the boundaries of what metal can be, deftly incorporating influences from across the musical spectrum. Mainly recorded in Solslottet Studio in Bergen, and partly in the band’s own home studio, the effort finds the group sounding leaner and more confident than ever, part and parcel of maintaining a presence at the foreground of the international metal movement for 20 years.
Throughout its 30 minute playing time, the EP sways and punches in equal measure, in no small part due to the dexterous and powerful rhythm section of vocalist/bassist Grutle Kjellson and drummer Cato Bækkevold. Herbrand Larsen’s swirling keyboard textures form an ether around Ice Dale and Ivar Bjørnson’s guitars, which ooze tasteful sophistication and melodic sensibility in equal measure with their crushing, impenetrable force. This release is a must have for both Enslaved fans and fans of progressive music in general.
In its continual effort to show support for the arts, Scion covers all production, licensing and distribution costs for the A/V projects and all proceeds go directly back to the label and artists involved. “It’s exciting to be collaborating with Enslaved on this release. We feel the pairing is vital as we aim for the label’s approach to embody the same sense of forward thinking as the band’s music” says Jeri Yoshizu, Manager of Sales Promotions for Scion.
Scion A/V Presents: Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods tracklisting:
1. Heimvegen
2. Alu Misyrki
3. Synthesis
4. Nordlys
5. The Sleeping Gods  

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