Killswitch Engage – In Due Time – Music Stream

killswitchengage200Killswitch Engage

“In Due Time”
Disarm The Descent (Roadrunner Records)
release date: 4/2/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Mass metalcore heavyweights return with their well-established combination of silly-amazing guitarwork supporting hardcore roar and clean singing. Original singer Jesse Leach returns, and it’s obvious he hasn’t lost his touch. While many liked (or grew to live with) Howard Jones’ vocals, many missed Jesse’s scream and the quality of his clean vocals. With the same great guitarwork and drumming (the bass has always been lost in the mix), the two KSE line-ups are practically two separate bands. And fans are not shy about their loyalty. “In Due Time” is therefore a return to the old school KSE, with Adam D, and Joel Stroetzel strutting their superb playing skill of above-average riffs, and Leach doing what he was born to do, which is provide a variety of quality metal voices. Now if only the songs were more interesting…

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