Matt Pryor – Kinda Go To Pieces – Music Stream

mattpryor200Matt Pryor

“Kinda Go To Pieces”
Wrist Slitter (Equal Vision Records)
release date: 11/11/2013
by Scott Hefflon

The Get-Up Kids have been the butt of many of my emo/bad indie rock jokes. The band got less terrible with every release, as the cute college girls I assigned to review them for the magazine often noted. I actually liked their cover of The Cure’s “Close to You” on Before You Were Punk Vol. 2. Liked, I say. “Kinda Go To Pieces” is standard indie rock with a recognizable vocalist, Matt Pryor (The Get-Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, The Terrible Twos, Lasorda, and some solo stuff under his own name). He hits all the notes, which he’s been doing a lot of recently and it’s appreciated, but he doesn’t reach far out of his natural range. So no emo yelp, falsetto, or no faltering Soundgardenisms, just on-pitch everyman basics, like Mike Ness and other older guys who’ve made a living of it. Nothing world-altering, but nothing cringe-worthy. A likable song.

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