Veara – The Worst Part of You – Music Stream


“The Worst Part of You”
Growing Up Is Killing Me (Epitaph Records)
release date: 9/24/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Georgia’s Veara remind me of the glut of good-but-indistinguishable pop punk bands of the late ’90s. They have heart, they have skills, but they haven’t found their unique voice by their second album, and really, that’s ok. Thousands of bands suck. Thousands more tinker with this style, try on that influence, never really committing, and therefore, never really having much impact. A couple hundreds bands lead the way (both down paths you wanna take and those you know you have no interest in), and we are blessed to have them, even if we don’t actually like a lot of them. Veara is two albums into the journey, yet most members have played together for many years prior to this. So the “off to a good start” and lunge forward here are no surprise. The band is starting to develop a voice, starting to get passed the obvious and work on the nuances. They are, unfortunately, treading oft-trodden ground, anthemic pop punk in all its predictable glory, but Veara are instantly – if generally – likable, as “The Worst Part of You” clearly shows.

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