Evanescence – The Chain (from Gears 5) – Music Stream


The Chain (from Gears 5) Single
Release Date: 22 November 2019
by Scott Hefflon

Evanescence return with their first new rock recording in eight years, “The Chain (from Gears 5),” a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic. Lots of the sweeping symphonics the band pursued with Synthesis, mostly to good effect, but played without a movie or game action (I’m trying to think Underworld instead of Twilight here), it sounds a bit backgroundy. Fans of the original will probably long for the interplay of all Fleetwood Mac’s vocalists (Stevie Nicks’ solo stuff was cool, but it always lacked the counterpoint), because while Amy Lee has an impressive, passionate, powerful voice, it’s still only one voice… The rest of the band chugs predictably and heavily in the background, but it’s all Amy’s vocal showcase here. Lastly, the song’s last minute or so – while it may work in the context of the movie/game/whatever – it doesn’t add anything new, and therefore kinda drags. Not bad enough to skip, but just kinda repeating what was already said.

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