Craw – Lost Nation Road – Review

February 1, 1995

Littered with stuttering, disjointed rhythms, noisy, dissonant guitar lines that occasionally lean towards metal, and screamed and growled vocals.

Babylon Sad – Kyrie – Review

February 1, 1995

Kyrie owes its best moments to the moody shifts and instrumental surrealism that are truly haunting. But I’m not a great fan of cookie monster vocals.

Groovezilla – Review

February 1, 1995

Groove’s influences are obvious throughout – blending rap, reggae, power funk, and gobs of early Metallica into a sound uniquely their own.

Mary Beats Jane – Review

December 1, 1994

These guys play power chords. Vocalist Peter Dolving screams his voice raw on topics such as relationships, sex, politics, and revolution.

Pulp Fiction – Review

November 1, 1994

Pulp Fiction excels for its painstakingly well-written, bizarre dialogue, and character development.

Tiamat – Wildhoney – Review

November 1, 1994

A slow and brooding mass of sound that has the beauty and overwhelming power of ocean waves. Furthermore, it has the lulling potential of an undertow.

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