Barb Wire – Review

June 1, 1996

Encased in leather at all times, Pamela Anderson Lee’s breasts show themselves to be an indomitable fashion statement, prominent, not to be denied or ignored.

Absolute Beginners – Review

May 1, 1996

London swings, and boy, was that pendulum swingin’ in the late ’50s. This was the time to be a young cat or kitten, prowling the dives, lookin’ for fresh kicks.

Edgewise – Silent Rage – Review

May 1, 1996

A punishing mish-mosh of hard notes and vocals. This band sounds like a vacuum of hardcore influences being rolled together and churned out as one.

Times Square – Review

May 1, 1996

It hasn’t quite reached cult-level status, even with cool “new wave” bands such as XTC, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Ramones, and the Pretenders.

Suburbia – Review

May 1, 1996

Spheeris proved her heavy mettle in the p-rock socio-exploitation genre. Imagine if Decline… had been all about Eugene, and you’ve pretty much got Suburbia.

Repo Man – Review

May 1, 1996

What makes Repo Man such an unbridled kick is its outsider’s view of America, and its dazzling display of verbal and visual gags, layered and stuffed.

On the Waterfront – Review

May 1, 1996

I proclaimed this film my most beloved… and I it still is. This film is an encyclopedia of classic scenes and lines, and it’s just as beautiful to look at.

Girl 6 – Review

May 1, 1996

An out-of-work actress takes a job as a phone-sex operator to pay the bills. She becomes seduced by the idea of creating different personas.

Fargo – Review

May 1, 1996

Taking a tip from their flawless debut Blood Simple, the Coens have produced a tricky little criminal blueprint of small-town backlash.

Fall Time – Review

May 1, 1996

Instead of rolling their friend into the trunk, they accidentally grab a similarly-dressed Leon instead. A Reservoir Dogs – style finale.

Down by Law – Review

May 1, 1996

His films are portraits; walking, talking photos of down-and-outers reaching for a glimpse of what lies over the wall their misery and indifference has erected.

Brain Candy – Review

May 1, 1996

The silly/satirical tone suits Kids in the Hall’s absurdist m.o.. They wisely avoid reprising too many of their TV characters, opting for a fresh approach.

Another State of Mind – Review

May 1, 1996

In August of 1982, 11 guys from LA boarded a rehabbed school bus and set off for a 4-week tour. Three pioneer bands of early ’80s punk rock and hardcore.

Unforgettable – Review

April 1, 1996

The acting is so overboard, with Ray and Linda on the run from the memory Feds. At this point, the movie just couldn’t muster enough sanity to be believable.

Taxi Driver – Review

April 1, 1996

For the last twenty years, Taxi Driver has stood on its own in some dark corner, beckoning for another film to stand up to it. It’s still waiting.

Nico Icon – Review

April 1, 1996

The German documentary film, Nico Icon, takes us into hotel rooms, Paris apartments, and the Warhol Factory of the ’60s.

Mary Reilly – Review

April 1, 1996

Mary Reilly loses its grip on viewers within the first half hour. For all its dark lighting and gloomy atmosphere, real tension and fear are sorely lacking.

Mallrats – Review

April 1, 1996

These are not “slacker” movies, they’re “My-life-sucks-and-I’m-in-a-rut” movies. Maybe that’s why I relate.

Ghost in the Shell – Review

April 1, 1996

A film that is as literate, gripping and thought-provoking as great science fiction movies like Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Andy Warhol’s Flesh – Review

April 1, 1996

Flesh, the first of a trilogy that included Trash and Heat (1969 and 1970 respectively), is likely the best-known (and most enjoyable, continuity-wise).

Leaving Las Vegas – Review

March 1, 1996

Astonishing and nerve-wracking, containing all the elements of a love story and a tragedy, because, from the inside of a bottle, most things are.

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