Clutch – Earth Rocker – Review

April 5, 2013

A back catalog dotted with stargazing space rock, album-long jam sessions, and civil war concept albums, Clutch may seem a tough nut to crack. This one’s fun.

Larman Clamor – Frogs – Review

February 19, 2013

Von Wieding proves himself a filthy guitarist, sliding muck along those six strings, while gravelly whispering fierceness that’d give Tom Waits pause.

Graveyard – Lights Out – Review

December 26, 2012

Swedish hard rock revivalists Graveyard garnered a ton of praise (and no shortage of flattering Led Zeppelin comparisons) for last year’s Hisingen Blues.

Greenleaf – Nest of Vipers – Review

December 17, 2012

Greenleaf is a “supergroup” of stoner rock veterans. Members may rotate, the music may shift slightly, but the ’70s rock template is solidly in place.

My Sleeping Karma – Soma – Review

December 14, 2012

Room to breathe, subtle and singable leads, impressive (but not showoff) rhythm and bass and drumming (numerous fills to make Mastodon fans nod appreciatively).

Glowsun – Eternal Season – Review

December 12, 2012

While Glowsun doesn’t bring anything new to the mostly-instrumental stoner/drone world, seriously, sometimes you just want a shot of good’n’familiar.

Witchcraft – Legend – Review

December 11, 2012

The Swedes craft some fine rock tunes, playable in any decade, with strong vocals (manly, but with a bit of humility), and duel guitars that don’t wank.

Orchid – Heretic – Review

December 7, 2012

Bold visuals, manly vocals, tasty riffs, songs with room to breathe, classy keyboards, and lyrics as cosmic and timeless as any on Masters of Reality.

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