Don’t Be Scared – 2 – Review

April 18, 2003

Pop punk bands all with the same sound: Junction 18, Glasseater, and Dynamite Boy. New Fearless bands: Knockout, Rock Kills Kid, Brazil, and classic Big Wig.

Pop-Punk Fever – Review

April 19, 2002

Some good names here, and some of the stuff that makes my skin crawl, but others may have the list the other way around, so that makes this a good comp.

Disarming Violence – Review

June 4, 2001

25 songs totaling more than an hour, all punk rock, all to benefit PAX, an anti-gun violence (not anti-gun) organization, what’s not to like?

Punk Goes Metal – Review

September 1, 2000

Punkers admit they liked glam metal (and some of the better stuff), and suddenly they feel compelled to cover it badly, like they do everything else.

Punk Bites 2 – Review

March 1, 1998

As Fearless says, “It’s the cheese,” and,when your mouth is fulla 30 bites of punk pizza, that’s a lotta cheese.