Punkass Generosity – Review

Punk Ass Generosity

(Devil Doll/Onefoot)
by Scott Hefflon

A 46-track, double disc of punk of which all proceeds go to various charities worldwide, all for a measly $7. That’s right, you get a cut each from 46 bands and yer money goes to worthy causes. What else needs to be said? It’s punk doing a good deed, and while some might sneer at broke-ass punk bands supporting causes when they’re still eating Ramen themselves (not to mention this charity-supporting thing is kinda trendy at the moment), hell, sneer away, punk fuck, buy this CD simply cuz it’s got a lot of cool shit on it. Those of a generous nature, appearing in alphabetical order: Alligator Gun, Backside, Bigwig, Bodyjar, Bonecrusher, Bracket, Buckwild, Crank, Diesel Boy, Digger, Dyma Duzin, Dynamite Boy, Electric Frankenstein, Field Day, Gameover, Garage Fuzz, Guy Smiley, Hives, Horace Pinker, Kid with Man Head, Lagwagon, Latex Generation, LES Stitches, The Line, Liquid Spider Station, Mandingo, Migraines, Millencolin, No Fun at All, No Use for a Name, One Hit Wonder, Rx Bandits, Pinhead Circus, Propagandi, Pseudo Star, Radiobaghdad, River Fenix, Sam the Butcher, Simply Kung Fu, Standoff, The Tank, Teen Idols, 30 Foot Fall, Three Years Down, The Tie that Binds, and Witness.