Coroner’s Corner – Column

August 25, 2006

My first reaction was “why?” but my final reaction is “oh my!” I’m speaking of the Alexandre Aja remake of the 1977 Wes Craven classic, The Hills Have Eyes.

Coroner’s Corner – Column

April 28, 2006

Wes Craven can be traced back to one of the most infamous films, The Last House on the Left. In the early ’70s, this film knocked audiences on their asses.

Coroner’s Corner – Column

June 13, 2005

I kept on waiting for something monumental to happen in The Ring Two, and it never did. But it explained why the spirit of the little girl was pissed off.

Coroner’s Corner – Contamination – Column

April 18, 2003

The way Contamination begins, you’d swear you were watching the beginning of Fulci’s Zombie. The same New York waterway… the same unresponsive boat. Both films even have the same hero: Ian McCulloch.

Coroner’s Corner – The Joy of Inter-personal Mayhem – Column

April 19, 2002

Jugulars are splayed open, skulls are scalped in up-close detail, a bayonet is slowly pushed through a chest, a girl is stabbed and humped to death, a head is shotgun-blasted to chunky oblivion, a maggot-infested mother zombie gropes from her grave, and much more.

Coroner’s Corner – Column

February 22, 2002

What film is Oscar-worthy for “best use of a decapitated melon in a sexual situation”? Why, it’s the 1985 gem Re-Animator, of course, and Elite Entertainment is re-releasing this zombie epic on a loaded DVD.

Coroner’s Corner – Column

June 1, 2001

Lucio says “To hell with that. We’re going to show the babysitter’s jugular slashed three times in up-close detail and then we’ll bounce her head down the stairs to the feet of a mortified eight-year-old.”

Coroner’s Corner – Human Viscera: A Tasty Guide – Column

June 1, 2000

I don’t know about you, but I believe any film could’ve been rendered more effective with the addition of flesh-ripping zombies. Something about dead and decayed people trying to eat warm, live people really strikes me as beautiful cinematography.

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