AC/DC – Powerage – Review

August 6, 2003

Though the favorite AC/DC album of most hardcore fans, Powerage is not an album that’s often mentioned by general folk when reviewing the band’s highlights.

AC/DC – Live – Review

August 6, 2003

Released in 1992, Brian’s voice is clearly shot as his once-powerful scream is reduced to an almost painful gurgle. The band rocks as powerfully as ever.

AC/DC – Let There Be Rock – Review

August 6, 2003

The band’s second U.S. release. Merely a stepping stone for the brilliance that would follow. “Whole Lotta Rosie” is just about as orgasmic as rock music gets.

AC/DC – Highway To Hell – Review

August 6, 2003

One of hard rock’s very few perfect albums, Highway to Hell has ten songs and not a single ounce of fat. The band’s last album with Bon Scott.

AC/DC – High Voltage – Review

August 6, 2003

Though I didn’t know which album the songs came from, “Live Wire,” “T.N.T.,” and “It’s a Long Way to the Top” made a huge impression on my junior high psyche.

Judas Priest – Turbo – Review

May 31, 2002

The most reviled item in the original lineup’s catalogue, the one title whose mere mention garners a snicker. This is unquestionably the band’s low point.

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