The Jesus Lizard – Live – Review

December 21, 2007

The Jesus Lizard was rhythmic, sweaty, loud, and sexual. Singer David Yow gyrates, howls, and flails, molesting the audience at every available opportunity.

Catch 22 – Live – Review

June 13, 2005

Ska bands are generally the most captivating bands live. Catch 22 don’t stop or slow down for 21 tracks. How did that audience last?

The Dan Band – Live – Review

April 13, 2005

Dan got his push from a fuck-filled “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in Old School, and singing “Feel Like Making Love” to a 13-year old in Starsky and Hutch.

The Mars Volta – Live – Review

March 8, 2004

The biggest complaint about The Mars Volta is that, although their full-length is damn near impeccable, their live shows feel like an exercise is wankery.

AC/DC – Live – Review

August 6, 2003

Released in 1992, Brian’s voice is clearly shot as his once-powerful scream is reduced to an almost painful gurgle. The band rocks as powerfully as ever.

Ben Folds – Live – Review

July 13, 2003

Perfect vocal pitch, extra energetic piano arpeggios, brilliant ad lib, and an Elton John cover. The classics are here, including material from the ‘Five era.

The Black Crowes – Live – Review

January 17, 2003

This double live CD, recorded during the band’s 2001 (and final?) tour, seems as neat a way as any to tie a bow around the band’s career.

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