Ministry – Cover Up – Review

February 1, 2009

Aside from bombast and a drum machine on crack, the arrangements aren’t much different. Ministry can sing, and don’t have to dumb down “the hard parts.”

Wellwater Conspiracy – Review

October 22, 2003

The fourth Wellwater Conspiracy album and I still don’t get it. The only way to succeed at poppy psychedelic rock is to write incredible songs. WWC do not.

Wolfpac – Evil Is – Review

June 4, 2001

I’s horrible. I get hives just thinking about it. Avoid this album. Unless yer a genetically-deficient glue sniffer. If so, you’ll probably like it.

Sweaty Nipples – Review

June 1, 1994

Three people yell, two play bass, two play guitar, two play drums, all make nonsensical statements to the press as to the underlying meaning of existence.