Life of the Party – Review

April 1, 1997

Some of her pages and panels are crammed full of lines, shapes, faces, images of motion, and beautiful black ink but they never appear cluttered.

The Third Eye – Sufism – Column

April 1, 1997

The Sufi path takes the seeker to the Divine Essence, the ultimate goal being to dissolve in Absolute Truth – God. The ways to God are as numerous as breaths.

The Third Eye – Kabbalah – Column

December 1, 1996

As untraceable as the origin of the Tarot, Kabbalah (Cabalah, Qabala) is an ancient Jewish mysticism based on the hidden meaning in the Hebrew Bible, the Torah.

Corn Syrup – Fiction

October 1, 1996

Corn Syrup is in EVERYTHING! It knows no political boundaries. It discriminates against no man, woman, or child, regardless of race, creed, or social mores.

The Third Eye – Column

October 1, 1996

It had always been at the back of my mind that I could be the only person who existed. It was just a matter of cracking through the clearness to realize it.

The Third Eye – Column

September 1, 1996

The whole time Violet was hypnotizing me, all I could think about was how it was definitely not working.

Idle Chatter – Column

August 1, 1996

Exclusive cover story in this fortnight’s Rolling Stone: The Secret Life of Jerry Garcia. The secret: Jerry took drugs.

The Third Eye – Column

June 1, 1996

The two-hour long program promises to “help you overcome your fear of death” and “understand what the after-death reality is really like.” Hmmm…

Death Race 2000 – Fiction

May 1, 1996

“The Emperor has no clothes,” yelled naked boys to their naked confederates, as stark naked pretenders to the throne smirked sagely. Nobody blushed.

Plans – Fiction

March 1, 1996

Plan C fell somewhere to the side… On the fraying edge of caution… Confined to the heady escapism of… Driving slightly over the speed limit…

The Cool and the Crazy – Review

October 1, 1995

Local ‘zines are tricky to cover, but I thought I should just mention this one in passing. It covers the Boston Rockabilly scene.

Chickfactor – #9 – Review

October 1, 1995

It’s stuffed full of information. Some fluff, but no filler. The “Tour Horror Stories” were very entertaining.

Rainbows & Lollipops – #1 – Review

September 1, 1995

This is a poetry ‘zine. Each small, white page has at its top a poet’s name in bold black letters. Underneath is the poem. All the pages look the same.

Loompanics Unlimited – Review

September 1, 1995

“The best book catalog in the world.” The catalog, itself a 300-page book, contains essays, comics and exhaustive descriptions of hard to find books for sale.

Caustic Truth – #28 – Review

September 1, 1995

Simple cut-and-paste music ‘zine. It’s not pretentious and engaging. Includes interviews with Fastbacks, Marilyn Manson, Suede, Killjoys, DRI, NOFX, etc.

Paw – Death To Traitors – Review

July 1, 1995

Full of delicious melodic distortion, but it never seems to really take off. Paw owes a great nod to mid-late ’80s rock. Paw can do better than this, and has.

Otis – Review

July 1, 1995

Chunky and full of rich guitar solos, Otis satisfies. Singer Kev O. Matic has been studying his Cobain with good results.