KMFDM – WWIII – Review

February 23, 2004

KMFDM does what they do best: Kick-ass metal with electro beats and synths. We haven’t seen a KMFDM album quite like this since 1993’s ANGST or 1997’s SYMBOLS.

Prodigy – Martin James – Review

July 23, 2003

Prodigy rock! I mean, they really rock! When they were x-ed out ravers, they rocked! And then some English pansy wrote a book about them, and they rocked!

Moțrhead РHammered РReview

September 9, 2002

Rock ‘n’ rollsy Motörhead punctuated by one all-out speed demon, a couple too-simple, too-stupids, and four-in-a-row that are rich, bloody-minded experiences.

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