Boneyard – Vol 3 – Review

June 13, 2005

Instead of a dark, evil fiend scaring the wits out of helpless, sexy teenagers, the IRS is coming after a guy and his slew of cute monster friends.

RAFR – Vol 3 – Review

April 19, 2002

This comp is the aural equivalent of invitin’ all yer rowdy friends over for an eviction party, but with the security of not bein’ homeless the next day.

Metal Dreams – Vol. 3 – Review

February 22, 2002

I’m an admitted speed freak (the verb, not necessarily the drug), and while Goth metal tickles my brooding dark side, I’m just not a fan of ballads.

Punk Chartbusters – Vol. 3 – Review

June 4, 2001

Punk bands cover top 40 songs throughout the ages. Two CDs, 50 tracks, ranging from shitty bands I’ve never heard of to shitty bands I HAVE heard of. I kid…

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