In Our Lifetime – Vol. 3: The Revenge of Boston – Review

In Our Lifetime

Vol. 3: The Revenge of Boston (Fenway)
By Tim Den

Ex-Grand Royal (oh, how we miss you!) honcho Mark Kates presents two volumes of urban, hip, eclectic-but-never-lost gems that mine surprise after surprise. Vol. 2: The British fuzz (and gentle waves) of Minuteman (not to be confused with hardcore legends Minutemen), the progressive guitar pop of Longwave, the indie-hop of Roundtable MC’s, the power pop of (ex-That Dog) Anna Waronker, plus Radio 4, Joselo, Aphrodite w/ Schooly D, The Inflatablemen, Rick Bain And The Genius Position, My Morning Jacket, Warren Zanes, Eltro, The Deathray Davies, Nakia (featuring Tony Hajjar of Sparta), Consonant (featuring Clint Conley of Mission Of Burma), and the almighty Rival Schools.

Vol. 3: The elegant shimmerings of The Sheila Divine, the hilarious Kaiju Big Battle, the space rock of Cave In, the emo-Ben Folds (??) of Piebald, the a capella stylin’s of Insight, the manic pop of Chad Stokes Urmston, the lo-fi/James Taylor/Belle & Sebastian-isms of Papas Fritas, the airy beauty of Blake Hazard, the Costello-ish The Gentlemen, plus Billy Barrett, Heavy Stud, The Kickovers, Jack Drag, Skating Club, Cracktorch, Fierce Tibetan Gods, Quitter, and Dropkick Murphys with Dicky Barrett.

Ironically, the only downers on these two versatile and choice cut collections come from Boston (The Damn Personal‘s off-key singing/weak delivery and Lockgroove‘s incoherent mess). But nonetheless, the In Our Lifetime series is quickly becoming the hottest and most respected “mix tape” at parties. Get with the good stuff.
(PO Box 15614 Kenmore Station Boston, MA 02215)