Lexicon – 9 – Review

April 1, 1999

With precious little irony or snideness to distance himself from the enormity of his sins, Richards bravely stares right into the rouged face of the abyss.

Yip – 29 – Review

April 1, 1999

A 12-page bimonthly overseen by someone named Milky Puppy continues on its quest to mercilessly mock and belittle all things that normal people hold sacred.

Infiltration – #10 – #11 – Review

April 1, 1999

A quarterly devised by one Ninjalicious (an obvious alias – his real name is Ninjatastic) to chronicle the criminal activities of young “Canadians.”

Garbage Pail – Scene & Herd – Column

November 1, 1998

The latest gossip, hearsay, conjecture, slander, calumny, fooferaw, unsubstantiated suppositions, and inoperative statements from the world of entertainment!

Anne & Lenny – Column

November 1, 1998

Hey, look, a lesbian and I’m neither amused, horrified, nor strangely aroused! That’s her secret appeal, you see, the cute-but-not-too-cute Sapphist.

Scream 2 – Review

September 1, 1998

“An encyclopedic knowledge of premium-cable history and the ability to make up new slang words simply aren’t enough to maintain success in Hollywood anymore.”

L.A. Confidential – Review

September 1, 1998

One of the most intricate plots in recent movie memory (which I won’t even try to recount here), and like any good film noir, it’s thick with atmosphere.

Boogie Nights – Review

September 1, 1998

Boogie Nights is, on the whole, an assiduously ardent portrayal of the rise to prominence and penetration into the mainstream of pornographic film in the 1970s.

This is Orson Wells – Review

September 1, 1998

To many, Orson Welles is best known for three things: War of the Worlds, Citizen Kane, and as a (barely) walking fat joke during the last few years of his life.

The Game – Review

April 1, 1998

A subgenre of films has popped up recently, trading on our knowledge of movie conventions and genre clichés, but even that subgenre’s starting to grow stale.

Scrawl – Review

March 1, 1998

A pleasing selection of interviewed artistes based not on genre or payola, but cuz they like ’em, whether it’s Diamanda Galás, Skeleton Key, or Ronnie Dawson.

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