Tad – Infrared Ridinghood – Interview


Infrared Ridinghood (EastWest)
by Andrew Berenson

Making a second record for a major label can sometimes be a tough task, but Tad took this task by the ears and came up with a killer new album, Infrared Ridinghood (Eastwest). Tad still blast out intense, groovin’ crunch with a taste of hardcore, as portrayed in the song, “Bullhorn,” which rocks big time. Led by Tad Doyle, a man who makes Paul Bunyan look like Pee-Wee Herman, this Seattle quartet has made the best album of their careers. I definitely recommend catching this band live, for it is a truly moving experience.

An interview with Tad Doyle
by Scott Hefflon

You just switched from one tentacle of the mighty WB monster to another. So what’s it like on Elektra/EastWest?
We’re excited about working with Elektra. They seem to have a good grasp of what we’re doing. Giant just didn’t know what to do with us. With EastWest, I figure we fall somewhere between Pantera and En Vogue.

What’s the story of releasing Infrared Ridinghood (EW/Elektra) mere months after Live Alien Broadcast (Futurist/Giant)?
Infrared… is the bonus round where there are no rules; it’s the all-out free-for-all. Live… was the quick 1-2 jab. Then we backed off for the fake and came back with a triple round-house kick. Full contact. End of story.

What’s your tour schedule like?
The release party is in NY. Then we’ve got a little leisure time in the Bad Apple before hopping a UFO to Europe to taste the many fine Jello-Jigglers and other delicious chemical products. We’ll be headlining the “I Hate Barnie/Monsters of Cock Tour 95” with U2 and Jon Bon Jovi. I’m kidding, so don’t all rush out to TicketScalper. When we come back to the States, we’ll visit each and every fan individually, in their homes. We’ll play a show in their living room, help shampoo the rug, clean the toilet, and explore new dimensions of the cleaning frontier with you, the fans.

Apologies to Mr. Doyle for misquotes. You talk faster than I can scribble.