WARP – Vol. 4 #3 – Review


Vol. 4 #3 $3 (PO Box 469014 , Escondido, CA 92046)
by Joshua Brown

A boarding mag (snow, skate, and surf) that does what it’s supposed to as a lifestyle publication. Non-polemic AIDS info and knowledge quiz accompany coverage of the successful Board Aid II, which raised $150,000 for the cause and included performances by Porno For Pyros, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, and Biohazard. The layout and photography are consistently eye-catching and occasionally transcendent. Features of interest were a report on the boardification of the snooty uppercrust scene at Vail, CO, and an interview with 17-year-old up and coming surfer Tim Curran, and the music coverage. In keeping with the boarding culture reflected in Warp, which tends to look past rather than focus on negative aspects of life unless they are forced on the individual (such as AIDS, for example), there were no negative music reviews. Not because they like everything, but because they’d rather dedicate space to stuff they want to promote. Other things reviewed were computer games, books, and movies, plus there are informative interviews with Mike Watt and Clawhammer.