Garbage Pail – Gloss-A-Rock – Column

Garbage Pail

by Scott Hefflon, William Ham, and Lex Marburger


Grok-rock: Strange music in a strange land.
Mock-rock: Music influenced by Flo and Eddie and/or Lewis Carroll.
Grout-rock: Corroded Kraftwerk or rusty Can.
Papa Doc-rock: Music made by rich kids in Third World countries.
Mock-rock: Guys in cowls playing the piano.
Tit-rock: see tat-rock.
Tat-rock: see tit-rock.
Smelt-rock: see schrod-rock.
Schrod-rock: see cod-rock.
Cod-rock: see Ian Anderson.
Matzoh-rock: see Lords of Brookline.
Yawp-rock: Bands influenced by Walt Whitman.
Smack-rock: see track-rock.
Track-rock: see dead-rock.
Dead-rock: see nothing anymore.
Reel-rock: Soundtracks for fishing-related movies; see also schrod-rock.
Veal-rock: Music that makes you feel like you’re being force fed in a small box.
Tick-rock: Small bands that really suck and will only go away if you set them on fire.