All Punks Rods – Review

All Punk Rods!

by Scott Hefflon

Gearhead Magazine, the first (to my knowledge) magazine to cover both hot rods and punk rock (once you see it, you wonder why no one thought of it sooner), and Lookout! Records combine forces to release this must-get. Strung together with clips from the memorable Munsters episode, a Devil’s Dozen (13, natch) (mostly) punk bands from around the globe contribute souped-up punk ditties about speed, speed, and more speed! Logging in at only 35 minutes or so, it’s pretty damn amazing how many speeding tickets (not to mention partying good times) you can pack into that amount of time if you set yer mind to it. I can’t say enough good things about this comp – great art, great sound bites, varied bands doing great songs, all lovingly produced and arranged for maximum enjoyment and impact. This is practically immaculate, and if anyone tries to steal this sucker from me, baby, I hope ya got health insurance. Bands contributing to the good times: Nomads, The Demonics, The Splash Four, The Hellacopters, The Quadrajets, The Hi-Fives, Man or Astro-man?, Gas Huffer, The Dragons, The Donnas, PeeChees, Servotron, and The Smugglers.

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